Touted as the new ‘Super Fruit’, Goji berries are a Chinese native loaded with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, magnesium, thiamin, dietary fibers to list a few. It is said to boast your energy level, improve your immunity system and treat signs of ageing.

Goji Berry

The plant is an attractive, vining shrub with light purple, bell-shaped flowers in May. Flowers are followed by red berries maturing late autumn,¬†which can be eaten fresh or dried and are pleasantly sweet and rich in flavor. The plant is self fertile and matures to 10-12′. It is important to prune the plant on a regular basis to encourage a higher crop yield. We carry this plant in a 2 gallon container. Check out our fruit inventory for a list of all of our fruit items.

Fruit eaten fresh or dried

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