Muscadine Grapes

Muscadine grapes are native to the southeastern United States. Muscadines ripen from late July through mid October. They will often be on the vine until the first fall frost comes. They are large, thick-skinned and seeded grapes that grow in small, loose clusters and are often harvested as individual berries. They can be bronze, red or black in color. We are now offering several varieties of Muscadine grapes in 3 gallon containers.

Carlos Muscadine

Carlos – Bronze Self-Fertile. 16% sugar. Medium size, good quality, ripens early-mid season. Clean scar, very productive. Excellent for wine.

Cowart Muscadine

Cowart – Black Self-Fertile. 17% sugar, excellent flavor, large clusters, medium size, very productive. Ripens early season.

Darlene Muscadine

Darlene© – Bronze Female. The best of the bronze muscadines. Consistently large size through out vines, not erratic. 22% sugar, dry scar, melting pulp, excellent quality. 

Dixie Red Muscadine

Dixie Red © – Red Self-fertile. Vine vigorous. Quality very good. Large clusters. High yields. Ripens mid-season. Great for juice, wine and fresh fruit. 17% sugar. 

Granny Val Muscadine

Granny Val © – Bronze Self-fertile. 18% sugar, high yield, excellent quality. Ripens mid to late season. Very heavy producer. Heaviest producing variety of muscadine. 

Late Fry Muscadine

Late Fry © – Bronze Self-fertile. 20% sugar. Much improved over Granny Val. Very large clusters, good quality, ripens late. Very vigorous and very high yields. 

Scuppernong Muscadine

Scuppernong – Bronze Female. 17% sugar, excellent flavor, clusters small, a variety all people know, production good. Ripens mid-season.

Supreme Muscadine

Supreme© – Black Female. Best of the black muscadines. It is the largest muscadine developed at this time. Very heavy producer. 22.5 % sugar. Ripens mid-late season, very vigorous, skin edible, large clusters disease resistant, dry scar. 

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