I’ve never been to Colesville Nursery before.

First, thank you for thinking about making the trip. We think it will be worth your while!

What do I need to know before I come? Below you will find a few suggestions that help our first time visitors. Of course, none are required but certainly help when it comes to understanding the way we run things here at Colesville Nursery.


1.  When I arrive at Colesville Nursery what should I do?
Upon arriving, it is a good idea for all first time customers to check in at the office or Garden Shop where they will receive an a map or you can (Download our map of the nursery) in advance, and a sales slip for coding your purchases.  If you would like assistance, you will be sent out into the nursery to be met by a sales associate who will assist you with loading and coding your plants.  Please feel free to drive through the nursery so that your plants may be loaded directly into your vehicle.

2.  I don’t know what I want, but I want to look around. We welcome all customers to browse and spend as much time as they would like here. All plant groups should be labeled with the plant name and price and you will be able to find maps in the office or Garden Shop upon arrival and we will be able to tell you where specific areas are.

3.  I’ve found a plant that I wish to purchase.  What should I do now?
If the plant you wish to purchase is a tree, you should return to the office or Garden Shop to have office staff request that a sales associate meet you.  If you wish to purchase container shrubs or perennials, you may either ask a sales associate to assist you in the loading and coding of your purchase or you may fill out your own sales slip and load your plants yourself. It is up to you, but we are always here to assist and help you.

4.  I prefer to fill out my own sales slip.  How do I do it?
To view a sample sales slip, a sample sign, and a sample tree tag click here.  One of the most important items to be included when you fill out your sales slip is the plant code that is located on the plant signs and tree tags.  Not every container plant has one of our signs inserted in it, but there is always at least one sign for a group of one type of plant.  In addition to the plant code you should carefully record the quantity of each type of plant.

5.  I have coded my plants.  What do I do now?
Now that you have recorded the plant codes and quantities of each plant, you may ask a sales associate to help you load plants  into your vehicle.  (We ask that you do not load plants without assistance.)  If you have an uncovered truck and haven’t brought a tarp with you, you may purchase temporary tarp for $1 per foot.  This purchase will protect your new plants from wind damage during transport.  Once you are loaded return to the office with your clipboard where you will be invoiced based on the information on your sales slip.

6.  The plants I wish to purchase are too large for me to transport in my vehicle.  Does Colesville Nursery provide a delivery service?
Yes we do.  You may either tag the plants that you want delivered or give us your order and we will select them for you.  For further information on deliveries click here.  For information on tagging your own plants click here.

As you drive through the nursery, please notice and avoid the white irrigation pipes!!!